Randall Ruback  Musician, Educator, Composer, Writer
Online Lessons

Do you have time, travel, job, or scheduling restrictions that prevent either you or your child from taking private music lessons? Do you live in a remote area and find yourself unable to access the best music instructor possible? Do you have seemingly intractable playing challenges and want a second opinion, or need new ideas?

Now you can have an expert professional teaching you right in your home.

Online lessons is a rapidly growing distance learning technology that provides an excellent opportunity for those who want to find the most qualified instructor without being limited by geography. All you need is: Skype or Facetime installed on your home computer (or Skype on your smart phone). Using your computer (the faster the internet speed the better) and plugging directly into your router and wearing headphones will improve audio quality significantly. My experience is what counts. I utilize the technology, both it's strengths and weaknesses, to maximize the learning experience.

Contact me by email or phone (414) 688-2663 about establishing our link and getting started!

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Randall Ruback  Musician, Educator, Composer, Writer