Randall Ruback  Musician, Educator, Composer, Writer
Music Toward Higher Consciousness

Music Toward Higher Consciousness is a workshop about realizing our true nature, the oneness of the mind and body experienced through the oneness of music, and how we may expand this unity beyond music into other activities, in how we think, act, and perceive the world. Guided by an experienced artist musician and facilitator, you will journey into the realm of musical space, where through the craft and the intentions of the artist, we will discover what music implies about who we are and the potential of what we may become. Whether a novice listener or advanced instrumentalist, deepening your understanding of music will bring you into greater spiritual dialogue and enhance your spiritual development. Explore how music can serve as a source of renewal and become a living model for your life, guiding you to new ways of thinking and being. This course will open your world to music, help you to become a more experiential listener, get closer to your creative inspiration, offer you new perspectives, and demonstrate music as a tool for positive life change and life transformation.

Watch and listen to Randall Ruback speak about his Music Toward Higher Consciousness workshop in an interview for the Infinity Foundation on Inner Quest:
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