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From Ability to Excellence: Becoming the Exceptional Musician

It is every music teacher’s objective to bring their student musicians to peak performance level by helping them to achieve their fullest musical potential. From Ability to Excellence: Becoming the Exceptional Musician is a custom-tailored series of instructional sessions that can help you take your musicians to the very level you strive for. Using a variety of original ensemble exercises as well as examples that cover the entire range of musical repertoire, I troubleshoot problems and obstacles that your students encounter in their playing. I can also integrate your desired area of focus by concentrating on particular pieces of music that you are currently working on with your ensemble. Sessions take place at your school and are designed for all levels of band, orchestra, and chorus, as well as for individuals at all stages in their musical development. My presentations incorporate mind-expanding ideas and intense musical challenges with fun and humor. They are designed to fully engage and stimulate your musicians to better understand the nature of artistry and how to apply themselves toward achieving it on their instrument.Rates are negotiable depending on the number of sessions, the duration of the sessions, and the size of your ensemble. I am also available as a sectional coach, visiting conductor, and soloist.


· How to perfect the fundamentals of playing and why they are vital to inspired music making
· Ways to solve rhythmic and other technical problems
· How to improve your sight-reading
· How to become your own best teacher
· How to manage performance fright, and to play at your best
· How to develop ‘big’ ears - the awareness of the interrelatedness and interconnectivity of each note to a phrase, each phrase to the next,
   and all of the parts to the whole
· How to approach your practice in ways that will make all the difference in what you accomplish and achieve
· How to develop your technique and musicianship together rather than separately
· What Musical Intention is, and how to draw from it
· How to apply the skills that you develop in music to improve your life
Randall Ruback  Musician, Educator, Composer, Writer